The lie that will never die: America is plagued by an epidemic of voter fraud


Since the 2008 elections, a growing number of governors and state legislatures have mounted an aggressive effort to stamp out voting fraud, not with entirely pure motives…

You’d think there was a raging epidemic of fraud around the country to justify all this diligent effort, but if there is, it’s awfully hard to detect. As evidence of the need for Texas’ tough new photo ID law, Attorney General Greg Abbott noted that the state had prosecuted 50 cases of vote fraud over the past decade — an average of five cases a year. Not exactly a crime wave.

In fact, what’s really going on is a fight for partisan advantage. Republicans, overwhelmingly the authors of these new restrictions, benefit by holding down turnout of those least likely to register: poorer, older and minority citizens who tend to vote Democratic. Democrats, of course, want the opposite.


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