When the misinformed are hopelessly that way


The thousands of comments I’ve received over the past four years from readers who disagree with me can be divided into various categories, ranging from well-argued to hopelessly ill-informed.

I’ve learned the hard way that there’s no getting through to those folks whose opinions fall into that latter category.

Such inescapable frustration came to mind when I ran across THIS OBSERVATION from Paul Krugman regarding some of the responses to one of his recent columns:

This is the reality of modern American politics: a large and cohesive bloc of voters lives in an alternative reality, fed fake facts by Fox and Rush — whom they listen to out of tribal affiliation — and completely unaware that it’s all fiction.

It’s also, by the way, why attempts at outreach by Obama will fail. Even if he gives the GOP 95 percent of what it wants, these voters will never hear about it; they will still know, just know, that he’s a radical bent on destroying America.



  1. Pat, as for being uninformed, I’ve sat in an auditorium where Bob Bechtel was a guest speaker(he’s also a regular contributor on FOX). I’ve been in an auditorium where Oliver North was a Keynote Speaker(Fox). I’ve been in an auditorium where Chris Mathews (MSNBC) was the Keynote Speaker. I’ve been in an auditorium where Scott Rasmussen was a Keynote Speaker. My list go’s on.

    You seen any of these guy’s speak…..?

    In the words of Mike Ditka…. “Who ya crappin” with this stuff…..

  2. Carol Foster

    Very informative, Ed, and it’s good to know Oliver North can make a living with Fox.

    Pat got it correctly with the group whose mantra seems to be so set in place by Fox contributors they never allow the facts to get in the way of their opinions. You may print sections of court case findings and they still insist Acorn forced banks to hand out loans they knew couldn’t be paid back and so that means this President is a Socialist out to ruin America.
    Entertaining for some of us but very sad for Fox believers who live in that world that needlessly upsets them daily.

  3. Carol, I see you had no comment on Chris Mathews OR Bob Bechtel Both Liberals in case you missed the memo). Got a little tunnel vision bothering you?

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