Media critic says Etch-A-Sketch metaphor won’t have any long-lasting political impact

When the now-famous Etch-A-Sketch story concerning Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign arose two days ago, I posted THIS PIECE about the matter almost immediately. And I followed up a few hours later with THIS PIECE, wherein I argued that the controversy “likely will haunt Romney for the remainder of this year, even more than the dog-on-the-car-roof story.”

Later that day, upon further reflection, I began to have doubts that the story would last as long as I had suggested. I began to wonder if I had misinterpreted the media buzz over this matter. Perhaps the whole thing would fade with the arrival of the next political gaffe or unexpected occurrence.

By the next morning, however, I saw that the firestorm over the Etch-A-Sketch metaphor had gained strength. I also saw that numerous other pundits, including some of considerable prominence — THIS GUY, for example — were agreeing with me that the issue, for myriad reasons, likely would endure for months to come.

But now a media critic of some respectability begs to differ. Writing in the Columbia Journalism Review, Brendan Nyhan argues that the Etch-A-Sketch controversy is mostly a media creation based on a dubious intepretation of something a spokesman for Romney said in an interview on CNN.

Nyhan says he doubts that the matter will have any appreciable impact on Romney’s bid for the presidency in the long run.

I’m inclined to disagree with most of Nyhan’s argument, but only time will tell which of us was right about this matter.

Anyway, I invite you to read Nyhan’s piece HERE and judge for yourself.



  1. This is what? The 10th gaffe which was supposed to bury Mitt.
    Much ado about nothing.

    Actually, Etch-a-Sketch is a perfect metaphor for Mitt Romney.
    That is, he is going to Washington to shake things up, start with a clean slate and reboot the Country.

    This perfectly describes Mitt’s expertise. And the fact that sales are up for Etch-A-Sketch, just demonstrates Romney’s Midas touch, once again. I’ll bet the CEO of E-a-S votes Romney.
    Even when attacked, Mitt still helps the economy.

    Put Obama, his incompetance, lack of any business experinece and the increased National debt under his watch, Gas Prices, etc. etc. and the damage done by Lifetime Polititians/Washington Insiders….Santorum and Gingrich, and let’s “Erase” them from our leadership once and for all and then start over wioth a “Clean Slate” and fill the void with a Conservative Businessman.

    As Jack Welch said; the most qualified man to run for President in his lifetime is Mitt Romney
    Have you ever seriously read Mitt Romney’s resume?

    Media drives these silly dust ups. Ann Romney said it best, “this isn’t about toys, but the Natoans very real challenges, which need fixing.

    Mitt is the only guy who can do it.

    How do you like Obama pretending to be a Venture Capitalist with Taxpayers money?
    And Failing! see Solyndra etc.

  2. OK how about Windsock Willard. That should stick!

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