Most Americans still blame Bush more than Obama for nation’s economic problems

There’s lots of GOOD NEWS for President Obama in a CNN poll released yesterday:

President Barack Obama holds a double-digit lead over GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in hypothetical general election matchups, according to a new poll.

And a CNN/ORC International survey released Wednesday also indicates that the president’s approval rating has inched over the 50% mark in CNN surveys for the first time since last May, when the polls were still registering the after effects of the death of Osama bin Laden. The number of Americans who say the economy’s in good shape has jumped 13 points since January, though the survey shows a majority still think it is in poor shape.


Although Obama has been president for more than three years, 56% of Americans continue to blame former President George W. Bush and the Republicans for the country’s current economic problems, with only 29% blaming Obama and the Democrats.

All that may be contributing to a rise in the president’s approval rating, with 51% giving him a thumbs-up for his job performance and 45% disapproving how his handling his duties. Obama’s approval rating has edged up four points since January, when it stood at 47%.


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  1. Much like it was difficult for voters to see in 2004 that Bush’s actions/policies in the next four years would help to drive us into our situation four years even farther down the road, it is difficult for voters to see in 2012 that Obama’s actions/policies in the next four years would help to drive us into a bad situation into 2016-2019. We can’t go back in time and vote people out to change the past! Start looking ahead! End this cycle!

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