Republican pollster warns of danger for his party if ObamaCare is completely overturned

David Hill, who’s been conducting polls for Republicans for 28 years, says his party should be careful of what it wishes for regarding the Affordable Care Act.

Hill fears that “ObamaCare-bashing could supplant immigration as our party’s most mishandled issue.” He warns that most Americans do not want the health-care law completely rejected by the Supreme Court or entirely repealed by Congress.


There are several factors that leave Republicans favoring absolute repeal with a weak hand. For one thing, there is no sense of a Republican alternative. The most recent poll I could find offering a GOP alternative could find only 18 percent supporting that option…The lesson seems to be that the more fragmented the choices get, the smaller the coalition rallying behind outright repeal.

Thinking ahead to the endgame, Republicans don’t want to find themselves cast as apologists for restoring the old system. Yes, I know that healthcare insurers and providers eventually bought into Obama’s plan, but if it is completely rejected, we’ll see Democrats exploit consumer anger over Big Health’s past abuses like unreasonable claim rejections, telling cancer victims they’re uninsurable, and raising premiums every year. If Republicans get tagged with blame for reinstating all that, it could get ugly at the polls in November.



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