Twelve reasons to vote Republican this year


Some people believe every item on this list, and even more believe many, but not all, of them.

On the whole, however, the list represents what’s become of the GOP in recent years.



  1. dogrescuer

    You nailed it, Pat. I’ve seen each of these absurd declarations spouted at one time or another by right-wing crazies.

  2. Dan F.

    Today Reuters published a photo of a very sad Greek lady. It had this caption:

    “Natassa Papakonstantinou, 43, looks out of the window of her apartment in Kifisia, a suburb of Athens, March 14, 2012. Natassa lost her telecom services job of 12 years in August 2011 and was not paid for the last six months. She is now living off her savings and 461 euros ($611) from the government per month. When her savings run out in August she must leave her flat. She spends several hours a day searching and applying for jobs on the internet but still has not found any. Natassa is unable to afford to socialise much and has no family so she spends long periods of time alone. She says ‘I don’t even listen to music much now. I used to love it but in the bad times of your life you forget about your hobbies.'”

    So vote Democratic, and in a few years the United States will be just like Greece today… and you will be just like Ms. Papakonstantinou.

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