Whom do you expect will be Romney’s running mate?

Speculation concerning Mitt Romney’s choice for a running mate on the Republican presidential ticket has included lots of names — Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Tim Pawlenty, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Bob McDonnell  and Rob Portman, to cite just a few.

Whom do you think will get the nod?

The first correct answer submitted here, along with a plausible political explanation of the choice, will earn its author enshrinement in the Applesauce Hall of Fame, a coveted distinction.




  1. Neftali

    Marco Rubio for a variety of reasons:

    1. Demographics – To help secure, or at least offset, the Hispanic vote, which is now crucial to any campaign strategy. Plus his age is an asset, turning only 41 in May, so obviously he could attract some of the younger voters who have lost their enchantment with Obama.

    2. To win Florida, and southern states in general, which is no guarantee with Romney at the helm. North Carolina and Virgina are also key battleground states. A Romney/Rubio ticket provides an attack strategy from multiple angles.

    3. Religion – Baptists, Catholics, and other devout religious folk still aren’t crazy about the whole Mormon thing. Having a nice Roman Catholic boy like Rubio will help sway the undecided.

    4. Rubio has already endorsed Romney

    5. Intangibles – He helped save Nancy Reagan from a fall a year ago, which puts him in good graces with the Republican establishment.


    6. Charisma – Romney excites no one. However, Rubio is just as charismatic as Sarah Palin, so he can shore up the base. The difference, of course, is that Rubio actually has a brain.

  2. Neftali

    Oh….one more thing…the letter “R”

    Yes, I know its silly. But crazy stuff like this often comes into play during election season.

    Romney’s logo accentuates the “R” in his name with Red, White and blue colors. Think about it.


    Yes….its a Sesame Street ad. “This election is brought to you by the letter “R”. But I’m telling ‘ya subliminal stuff like this matters. Don’t tell me it won’t sway a couple of less educated undecided voters. It does, and it will.

  3. expdoc

    Neftali nails it. Although Ryan would have that R thing going for him too ! I don’t think Ryan would want to give up his current position of power though.

  4. Dan L.

    Pat: I think YOU should be Romney’s running mate. That way we’d never hear from you again.

    By the way, in your title question (“Whom do you expect will be Romney’s running mate?”), what is the subject of “will be”? Just curious.

  5. Carol Foster

    Marco Rubio.

  6. Paul Ryan

    I am almost certain about this one. Ryan obviously reinforces a policy of financial conservatism. Ryan falls pretty far to the right on most issues, and Romney would like to make his brand more appealing to those a bit further on the periphery of the spectrum (i.e. Tea Party). Romney has struggled to place himself outside of the moderate zone, and Ryan is an easy way to broaden the campaign to the right.

    Easy right? Well, although a Rubio selection would broaden Romney’s appeal into certain demographics, or a Christie tap would also solidify his conservative agenda, I don’t think Romney will go there. Romney, it seems, has a fairly narrow comfort zone, and I imagine that he’ll select someone that he, personally, can relate to well. He won’t go with anyone too boisterous or abrasive. Ryan is just zealous about the issues and Romney is comfortable with him. At least it seemed so as they were chumming-it-up this week. A boring pick for a boring candidate. I don’t expect anything more. Easy for Romney.

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