Romney makes pitch for support from bigots who doubt that Obama’s a Christian

The great irony in THIS is that Mitt Romney is himself the target of religious bigots. In effect, he’s pitching his anti-Obama rhetoric to the same people who are wary of his own Mormonism:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday said that President Barack Obama had taken his war on faith to the next level by wanting to establish a new “religion” for the purpose of rejecting all religious doctrines.

At an event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a supporter asked the candidate what the Obama administration’s motive was for mandating that the health insurance provided by all religious institutions cover contraceptives for women.

“I think there is in this country a war on religion,” Romney replied. “I think there is a desire to establish a religion in America known as secularism.”


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  1. May I suggest Christian Evangelicals take a look at youtube video titled: Ron paul vs mitt Romney when questioned by same dying M.D. patient. This is quite revealing. This is not the heart of Jesus. Romney was so cruel and condescending to a man in a wheelchair. Ron Paul, on the otherhand shows great love and concern for disabled, elderly and sick Americans. And don’t forget Obama hired science czar John Holdren who is a man that wrote a book years ago on forced sterilization, abortions and goverment mandated population control. Black Christians who vote for Obama are very misled just as white Christians who would vote for Romney. Vote Ron Paul. He’s the only candidate that isn’t compromised.

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