Gallup: Obama leads Romney by nine points among independents in swing states

The momentum is on the incumbent’s side, as we see HERE:

Barack Obama has a 48% to 39% advantage over Mitt Romney among independent voters in 12 key swing states. He first moved ahead of Romney among this group in February after being tied in January and trailing last year.

The results are based on the most recent USA Today/Gallup Swing States poll, conducted March 20-26, among voters in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The poll preceded Romney’s Tuesday victory in the key Wisconsin primary that made his nomination look increasingly inevitable. Romney’s closest pursuer in the Republican nomination race, Rick Santorum, fared much worse versus Obama among independents in the Swing State poll, trailing 53% to 32%.

Overall [meaning among voters in general, not just independents], Obama leads Romney by 51% to 42% in the swing states.



  1. expdoc

    I wonder what percentage of those polled are even paying attention yet?

    They will probably start to pay attention this summer, when the conventions take place and gas prices hit $5 a gallon.

  2. Orlando Clay

    expdoc wrote: “They will probably start to pay attention this summer, when the conventions take place and gas prices hit $5 a gallon.”

    Wrong again, grasshopper. People will start paying attention once your beloved Governor Walker is tossed out of office and he has to start dipping into his criminal defense fund. That should be the beginning of the end of the GOP campaign against hard-working, middle-class Americans. Not even 5 million illegally distributed free sub sandwiches will close that gap, pal.

  3. expdoc

    My beloved Governor Walker has done the job I elected him to do.

    Too late to go back now grasshopper.

    Besides, I wouldn’t be so sure that he is going to lose in the recall election.

  4. “My beloved Governor Walker”?


  5. Expdoc

    Yeah, I know, can you believe Clay said such a ridiculous thing?

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