Romney to Obama: I know you are, but what am I?

Benjy Sarlin ARGUES HERE that Mitt Romney is trying to project his own political vulnerabilities on President Obama:

As Romney begins to settle into the role of presumptive nominee, he is deploying the strategy more and more. On Wednesday, Romney addressed the Newspaper Association of America in Washington, D.C. only a day after President Obama spoke there, delivering his toughest speech yet. Obama targeted Romney and the House GOP with a slew of attacks that will likely help define the general election.

The contrast between the two speeches was striking. Name an accusation Obama and Democrats have used against Romney, and chances are you heard the same charge leveled against Obama in Romney’s speech.

The most obvious: flip-flopping. Ever since Romney recast himself as a conservative, pro-life Republican for his 2008 presidential run after previously cultivating an image as a moderate blue-state governor, it’s been his most persistent vulnerability. Romney’s dealt with this in 2012 partly by presenting proposals so vague as to be impossible to judge by either side…

Obama mentioned this dynamic in his speech, without naming Romney specifically, saying that the GOP was trying to conceal the scale of their proposed budget cuts by not naming which programs would be affected…

Romney’s opening attack against Obama the next day: He’s a flip-flopper in waiting who won’t release his true plans for political reasons.


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