When Chief Justice Roberts was a young lawyer, he favored radical court-stripping measures

In a post HERE yesterday, I criticized President Obama for his intemperate remarks about the “unelected” U.S. Supreme Court.

My knock on the president made me uncomfortable in several respects, not the least of which is that it placed me in the company of conservatives whose umbrage at Obama’s remarks was as hypocritical as it was boundless.  Many of these same right-wingers have frequently been heard to whine about the “judicial activism” of “unelected” federal jurists.

Ah, but here’s my chance to jump back to more comfortable liberal turf. Here’s my chance to note that Obama’s so-called attack on the high court was mild compared to the rhetoric employed by one William French Smith, the first attorney general in the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan.

Steve M. over at No More Mister Nice Blog offers THIS ACCOUNT of those days of three decades ago — and also mentions that a certain young lawyer in the Reagan administration actually advocated a number of radical legislative proposals that would strip the federal courts of jurisdiction to hear cases concerning such issues as school prayer, school busing, and abortion.

That young lawyer was John Roberts, who is now chief justice of the Supreme Court.



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