Here’s more on why Reagan couldn’t win a primary election in today’s far-right Republican Party

In a post HERE the other day, I took pleasure in noting that President Obama was echoing my familiar refrain that Ronald Reagan would be seen as unacceptably moderate, if not downright liberal, in today’s Republican Party.

Blogger extraordinaire Steve Benen is out with an ARGUMENT today that the question of Reagan’s political viability in the current right-wing GOP climate is not even a close call:

Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times, and he supported the precursor to the Buffett Rule. In his first term, Reagan raised taxes when unemployment was nearing 11% — imagine trying this today — and proceeded to raise taxes seven out of the eight years he was in office. It’s a fact the right finds terribly inconvenient, but “no peacetime president has raised taxes so much on so many people” as Reagan.

Reagan gave amnesty to undocumented immigrants, expanded the size of the federal government, tripled the deficit and added trillions to the debt, bailed out domestic industries, and called for a world without nuclear weapons. Reagan also met with our most hated enemy without preconditions, criticized Israel, and illegally funneled arms to Iran.

And then there’s his gubernatorial record.

In California, Reagan increased spending, raised taxes, helped create the nation’s first state-based emissions standards, signed an abortion-rights bill, and expanded the nation’s largest state-based Medicaid program (socialized medicine).

Reagan “could not get through a Republican primary today”? Reagan could not get through a Republican primary without being laughed off the stage today.


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  1. PossumJenkins

    Pat, we are in somewhat of an agreement, but with different logic. I too feel that Reagan would not have made it in todays political environement. With the in depth, need to know every single detail hounding that the mostly liberal media does, Reagan wouldn’t have lasted. Reagan knew that sometimes things needed to be done for the benefit of America that were best that the public did not know about. That would send libs into hissy fits like nobody’s business. And unfortunately many of the conservative talk show hosts have become fixated on some of the ideals of Reagan and have adapted to their liking. They remember what they want to remember. Kind of like guitar players putting Jimmy Page on a pedastal when there are gutiarists today who technically would make him look like a rank amateur. So yes, while some of the ideals of Reagan can and should be applied to the present day, the era of Reagan would not survive in the current political climate. That being sad, as the last 3 plus years have clearly shown, the worst choice for America would be 4 more years of Obama. The democratic party has done a truly exemplary job of showing what crookedness, wastefulness, favoritism, unconstitutional behavoir, and greed can do to ruin a country.

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