Hey! Wait a minute! Maybe the new Romney is real and the old one was a faker!


For the second time today, I have good cause to quote Paul Waldman.

I don’t necessarily agree with Waldman on THIS, but I think it’s worthy of your consideration:

[W]hen he ran in two races in the extremely liberal state of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney was a moderate. Then when he ran in two races to be the Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney was and is extremely conservative. There is simply no reason—none—to believe, let alone to assert as though it were an undisputed fact, that the first incarnation of Romney was the “real” one and the current incarnation of Romney is the fake one.

Every single issue position that might mark Mitt Romney as a “relative moderate” is something he has cast off, whether it’s being pro-choice, or pro-gay rights, or not hating on immigrants. If you’re going to say he’s a relative moderate, you have to explain how the Massachusetts Romney was an expression of his true beliefs, and the national Romney is the product of cynical calculation, and how you know this to be the case.

It might be the case. But it is just as likely that the Massachusetts Romney was the fake one, and the current Romney is the sincere one. Or that neither one is real, because Romney simply has no actual beliefs about these issues.

UPDATE: Uh-oh! The new Romney apparently is faker enough to PRETEND that he didn’t spend more time at Harvard than Barack Obama did.

The Mittster probably even wants the anti-intellectual wing of the Republican Party to think he didn’t go to Harvard at all.

The truth is that he has two post-graduate degrees from Harvard.

And he has three sons who earned post-grad degrees from Harvard.

And several of his top policy aides are either Harvard alums, Harvard professors, or both.

In short, Willard Mitt Romney has more Harvard ties than Barack Obama will ever have.


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