A few of Romney’s flat-out lies about Obama

Mitt Romney’s record of prevarications on the campaign trail would fill a book — and probably will before November.

Here’s a handful of examples of the Mittster’s false charges against President Obama.




  1. Jim Hefner

    Notice there are no date and time stamps on this video. But of course Obama never changes what he says to fit the political climate and you of course wouldn’t edit video to suit your own agenda.

  2. Ah! Another brilliant comment from Jim Hefner, the same guy who lamely tried to defend Romney when the Mittster claimed to remember an event that happened nine months before he was born: http://blogs.e-rockford.com/applesauce/2012/02/27/romney-says-he-remembers-an-event-that-occurred-nine-months-before-he-was-born/

    This is also the same Jim Hefner who once said here that Obama is going to “demand re-election” rather than just run for it.

    Jimmy apparently is a member of that peculiar political breed known as pathological Obamaphobes.

  3. Jim Hefner

    Interesting you attack me instead of addressing the issue I raised. Typical blissful liberal.

  4. Jim Hefner: The issue here is Mitt Romney’s penchant for telling lies about Obama. Your crap about date and time stamps does not absolve Romney of his blatant dishonesty.

    Now, tell us again about how that bad man Obama is going to “demand re-election.” That’s a rich one. And I suppose if he does get re-elected, it will be illegitimate because he demanded it.

    You’re a funny guy, Jimbo.

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