Lots more regarding GOP’s sudden — and hypocritical — respect for federal courts

In a post HERE yesterday, I documented the hypocrisy of the Republican Party’s criticisms of President Obama for his having dissed the U.S. Supreme Court.

There’s a lot more documentation of that hypocrisy in THIS PIECE and in this video:





  1. Neither of these two links show hypocritical points, if you watch with an open point of view you will see they talk in favor of Constitutional powers and not in the pervert interpretation that the pimp prez tried this week. All the pimp prez was doing was ginning up the zombie base to step and fetch, because he knows he is going to lose on healthcare and he will need a made up political demon later this year. He will use the same old play that Republican will take your rights away when it is the pimp prez who will enslave you.

  2. Jose: “Pimp prez”? You sound like a really bright guy.

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