Mike Wallace dead at 93

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  1. Mike Wallace will certainly go down as one of the greats of our time. And one of the best interviewers who wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

    I remember listening to the Mike Wallace/Buff Cobb show on the radio in the late ‘40s or early ‘50s with my dad. They were a husband/wife talk show from Chicago. It was my dad’s favorite show, and he would even call in to tell them he was listening from Rockford. They would announce that on the air, and anyone who lived in that era, knows the way radios and phones were back then, that was a big deal.
    To make a call back then, a person had to dial 0 for operator and then wait for an open line, sometimes 15 minutes. And the radios had so much static, they were hard to listen to.
    The show only lasted a few years, and went to TV. But very few people had TV’s back then.

  2. Carol Foster

    Mike Wallace was 60 Minutes for so long a time and he will be greatly missed.
    When he was wrong is said the word, “sorry.” which showed his ethics as a journalist.

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