No grand jury in Trayvon Martin case! Does that mean an arrest will come soon?

The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case has DECIDED not to take the matter to a grand jury.

It’s my guess, then, that she thinks she has enough evidence to bring charges without a grand jury indictment. I just can’t imagine that she would decide entirely on her own that no crime was committed, especially in light of the tensions in that community. To do so would only emulate the dubious decision made by a local prosecutor on the night of the incident.

Don’t be surprised if charges are brought before the end of the week.



  1. If accused of attacking via race, people always “have worked with blacks” before. Right. That has nothing to do with what’s in a person’s.. One of my biggest questions is that George’s confrontation ally pursued Trayvon; his girlfriend was on the phone and heard the initial conversation. Why does the “Stand Your Ground Law not appropriate for him to have used? Meaning let’s say he hit Zimmerman, well he would have been justified, for not retreating, which would automatically mean.

  2. PossumJenkins

    It would be a huge mistake for this prosecutor to file charges without bringing them to a grand jury. After the media’s rush to judgement with the editted 911 call, the media and public’s rush to judgement with intially saying that Zimmerman uttered a racial slur only to later say that after further review and examination it does not seem to be the case (CNN, not a conservative outlet by any means brought forth that), and inital claims that the police footage showed no signs of injury on Zimmerman – only to be retracted upon enhancement of the video. If Zimmerman is to be accused/arrested/charged, then the prosecutor should take every resource and avenue available before charges are filed. If not, she simply stokes the flames of this racial fire even more. Sadly, the media, who at one point in time had the job and responsibility to report the news objectively without slant or bias, has failed miserably at this. They have done everything in their power to convict Zimmerman before an official announcement has been made. And if she does charge Zimmerman without convening a grand jury, she shows that she gives into the will and whim of loudmouthes like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and assorted Democrats in Congress as well as terrorist organizations as the New Black Panther Party instead of the rule of law and laws of the state.

    But if you want to highlight Trayvon, what about the thousands of other kids, of various racial origin, killed be people also of various racial origin? What about the 19 year old killed in Gary, Indiana last week because he didn’t surrender his shoes? Where’s Jesse and Al marching there? Where’s the NBPP putting a bounty on the person that killed this teenager. Where’s our president taking the time from either playing golf or blaming Bush for something (yet again) to say that if he had a son he’d look just like this 19 year old who was killed (and yes, unarmed too) simply because he wouldn’t give up his shoes? Where’s Bobby Rush, speaking on the House floor, wearing tennis shoes in solidarity to this fallen youth? My guess? The person who killed this 19 year old is not white / white-hispanic / or whatever other white based monkier the press wants to put out there. And gee, in this election season where the first African American (or using the media Zimmeran classification system – White-African) president is battling for re-election after a term that has seen nothing positive come from it, in fact things are worse than they were four years ago, isn’t ironic that the media seems to really be pushing the race issue in this case. No, they don’t care that a black teenager was murdered, if they did there’d be more outrage about the black 6 year old girl that was murdered in Chicago some weeks ago. They want to make this a race issue, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. PJ – arguing with Pravda Pat (h/t Dan F.) is really just not worth the effort. He will always toe the party line, and will never cede any point regardless of how valid and will continue to spew ridiculous left-wing talking points to support his own. “Domestic oil production has increased under Obama.” Uh, yeah…”under Obama”. It’s also increased since Hawaii Five-O returned to television, and the causation by either is about the same.

  4. shawnnews

    The outrage isn’t over race or about a kid being killed by a neighborhood watchman. The outrage is that the guy repeated disobeyed what the police told him to do, killed the unarmed kid and then didn’t even face a single charge under the Stand Your Ground law. The detectives believed there should’ve been charges filed. The DA didn’t agree. As a result, he didn’t even get a manslaughter charge.
    As we know from recent news officers of the law can face months of incestigations after they use deadly force. A neighborhood watch captain isn’t a trained officer. He can just cling to this law. In fact, this opens up a terrible door for people to claim they felt threatened when it was really them looking for trouble.

  5. Pat must be a little more touchy than usual today.

    I’m not really interested in supporting or refuting PJ’s opinions. I simply grabbed one of Pat’s silly statements to point out the folly of arguing with him. Yes, Pat does toe the party line, relentlessly, and he propagandizes daily to a laughable extreme to sycophantically support this president specifically and Democrats/liberalism in general (“Obama had his eye on Jeremy Lin before you did”, Federal budgets aren’t needed, “Bears coach Lovie Smith endorses President Obama”, etc.) Pat seems to take offense at that notion as if I’ve been misreading his column and he is in fact out here challenging liberalism and the administration every day.

    Also, I do find it amusing that he poses questions for me to answer when he has invariably chosen not to answer mine.

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