Will Scott Walker’s wife vote to recall him because his pay as governor is too paltry?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gets paid $144,000 a year, which is three times as much as the median household income in his state.

But Walker’s missus apparently doesn’t think his government compensation is adequate.





  1. It is paltry. He is responsible for the lives of millions of Wisconsins. Now compare that to overtime for a public school bus driver–$100,000.

  2. I guess Fran thinks Scott Walker deserves a raise. Or maybe she, too, will vote to remove him from office so that he can go into the private sector and make some real money, just as Walker’s wife would prefer.

    But then what would become of the “lives of millions of Wisconsins”?

  3. If you and your children were being constantly harassed because of your husbands job and the decisions he had made at work, you might hope he was making more money for the trouble too.

  4. Doc: Boo hoo! By your weepy standards, Obama should be paid zillions of dollars.

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