Are some potential Romney running mates averse to joining a ticket that likely will lose?

The list of possible candates for vice president on this year’s Republican ticket seems to be getting smaller as some of the prospective choices are making it clear that they will turn down any such offer.

None of them will say so, but some of these people might be afraid of tarnishing their resumes with defeat in the November election.

Steve Benen puts it THIS WAY:

[T]he number of notable GOP officials rushing to stay off Romney’s VP list seems larger than the list of those clamoring to get on it.

What’s more, if Romney starts to look like a candidate likely to lose, this may get worse, with likely 2016 candidates becoming even more adamant about steering clear of this year’s ticket. Running mates from unsuccessful presidential campaigns often fail to get their party’s nomination four years later — just ask Sarah Palin, John Edwards, and Joe Lieberman.


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