Reports: Zimmerman is in custody and will be charged with second-degree murder.

THIS is the latest in the Trayvon Martin case as of 4:49 p.m. CDT.

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  1. Tim: What a pile of crap! You’re just making excuses for an accused murderer, a gun-toting wannabe cop with a record of violence. You probably figure the prosecutors are trying to frame this guy, right? Yeah, that must be it. It’s all just media pressure to hang the real victim in this case. It’s all just liberal white guilt.

  2. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty Cunningham? You seem to have convicted this Hispanic defendant before the trial has even begun. What are you, some sort of racist?

  3. doc: Nothing I said in my comment is untrue.

    Tim May is, in fact, “making excuses for an accused murderer.”

    That accused murderer is (was), in fact, a “wannabe cop” and was, in fact, toting a gun on the night in question, and did, in fact, have “a record of violence.”

    And your own record of casually applying the label “thugs” to almost anyone who belongs to a labor union, even in cases where they are peacefully exercising their constitutional rights, disqualifies you from lecturing me about about the principal of “innocent until proven guilty.”

  4. Not anyone who belongs to a labor union. Public union members who exhibit boorish and whiny behavior when the duly elected government does their job and balances the state budget. If it wasn’t for those same interests in Illinois you might have a chance at saving your statetoo, but alas, no.

  5. Tim: You are so full of crap. You just make this stuff up, don’t you? Or perhaps you pick it up from right-wing Web sites.

    Regarding Martin, you ask “what the hell was he doing in the middle of the night in the rain in a gated community?????”

    It wasn’t the middle of the night. It was 7 p.m., and he was returning to the home of his father’s fiance.

    You say Martin had been “expelled from school.” That’s not true. He had been suspended. Big deal. That’s not the crime of the century, nor did vigilante George Zimmerman know anything about it.

    You imply that drug residue had been found in Martin’s back pack at the scene of the shooting. Not true. He had been suspended from school when an empy baggie had been found in his back pack and was presumed to have once contained marijuana. That accusation was not proven. (Interestingly, you presume that the drug-residue accusation was true, although it was never formally adjudicated. But you seem to presume that the murder charge against Zimmerman is not true, even though it resulted from a formal investigation by qualified professionals.)

    You describe Martin as 6 feet four inches tall. Not true. The police report said he was six feet tall and weighed 160 pounds.

    You call Martin a “thug,” but you have no evidence to support that claim. And it makes you sound like a racist. nonsense.

    By the way, who gave George Zimmerman the right to stalk somebody who was not doing anything wrong? Who gave Martin the right to stalk Martin after the police advised him to not do so? Who gave Zimmerman the right to demand that Martin explain his presence?

    You’re just making excuses for an accused murderer. Yes, Zimmerman is innocent until proven otherwise. But he’s accused of murder, and you’re defending him with a huge pile of non-facts and racist assumptions.

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