We have a new contender for the title of Nuttiest Republican Lawmaker Ever

About a year ago, I wrote HERE that U.S. Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas had “retired the crown for GOP zaniness forevermore.”

But now it seems that I was perhaps mistaken in conferring that distinction.

U.S. Rep. Allen West (above) of Florida has suddenly emerged as a contender for the title with his CLAIM that as many as 80 Democrats in the U.S. House are members of the Communist Party.

(Here’s where our resident Applesauce wingnuts opine in the comments thread that Allen West is right about all them Commie Demoncrats.)

FOOTNOTE: The incredible silliness that pervades certain quarters of the GOP these days is evidenced by suggestions from Sarah Palin and Herman Cain that Mitt Romney choose Allen West as his running mate.

I would be inclined to pray for that to happen, but I’m afraid the Man Upstairs would only be insulted by the very idea.

UPDATE: Steve Benen has THIS to say about West’s latter-day McCarthyism.


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