An interesting departure from rockers telling right-wing Republicans to quit using their music

A couple of months ago, I told you HERE about numerous instances in which Republican candidates “have been forced to stop using music by artists whose politics apparently are not of the GOP variety.”

But now John Mellencamp (above) is adding a new twist to the custom. He’s TELLING Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to feel free to use his song “Small Town.” But he wants Walker to know that he disagrees with the governor’s anti-labor politics.

As this story gets around, more and more people who hear the Mellencamp song at Walker rallies will be reminded of the singer-songwriter’s dissenting views. They might even consider it hypocritical of Walker to use the song.

All of this brings to mind the time when then-President Ronald Reagan and conservative pundit George Will, among others, misinterpreted Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” as emblematic of the “new patriotism” in those days.

The song was not the patriotic anthem Reagan and the others thought it was, as we see HERE.




  1. What the hell are you ranting about? What does any of your blather have to do with this post?

    You sound like someone who has overdosed on Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Chill out, man!

  2. Pat, your comment is exactly what I was thinking about Tim May’s post.

  3. shawnnews

    Tim’s post reads like an internet chain mail — but I think I found the article here by Chuck Green who is the original author or who’s column Tim’s post is based on. It probably gets tossed around the Free Republic sites or Tea Party ones.
    Try to remember to post the link, like expdoc usually does.

  4. Tim: Yeah, sure it is. Whatever you say.

  5. Larry Linn

    Walker has proven by his actions that he does not respect the rights of songwriters or singers. Since he violated those rights, how can he claim integrity?

  6. Here you are Tim May. I’ll match your 11 failed promises and raise you one, with GWB’s failed promises. And this is just the first four years. You should not be so smug. You probably thought GWB carried out all of his promises. According to you, this would make GWB a liar, also.

  7. Larry,

    Explain exactly how Scott Walker has proven by his actions that he does not respect the rights of singers and songwriters?

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