Moderates who back Romney think he’s lying about being a wingnut, but they don’t mind

One of the strangest features of this year’s crazy race for the Republican presidential nomination is that some people who think Mitt Romney is a liar apparently don’t mind at all.

These folks are moderates, and supposedly they think Romney really is one of their own, no matter what he says. They theorize that the Mittster has had to pretend he’s a right-winger just to mollify certain elements of the GOP base.

Michael Tomasky offers his own slant on this theory HERE:

[Romney is] not conservative, but he’s not moderate either. Why people assume he must be one or the other is another puzzle, because there is a third choice, which is the correct one: none of the above. He’s everything, he’s nothing; he’s whatever he needs to be. And he has shown no political courage to buck his party’s establishment at any point in his career (pursuing health care in Massachusetts was hard, maybe, but not exactly an act of ideological daring). So, if he ever is president, he’ll be whatever the situation requires, which, given that he’ll be the head of a severely right-wing party, means that he’ll be pretty severely right wing.

Yet most Americans persist in thinking he’s “really” a moderate. What this reveals is that the voting public thinks Romney has been lying to us for the past year, or even five years. But here’s the exasperating thing: This is a lie that nets a huge plus for him. Far better a liar, people think, than a wingnut.

This presents a big challenge for the Obama team. Convincing Americans that Romney really is as right wing as he’s been acting is probably a very hard sell. Once people have an intuition in politics about a candidate, dislodging it is difficult work indeed.




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