The Buffett Rule should be renamed the Reagan Rule

No matter how much today’s Republicans try to demagogue the issue, they can’t change the fact that the spirit of the so-called Buffett Rule was endorsed on more than one occasion by then-President Ronald Reagan.

President Obama said yesterday that perhaps we should put Reagan’s name on the proposal. That would drive the GOPers up the wall, wouldn’t it?



This video includes several clips of Reagan decrying the inequality of tax rates that favor the rich:




  1. Just like Romney, there are many things that republicans were for before they were against.

  2. Luke Fredrickson

    I say we try trickle up economics for a while. 15% capital gains tax rates have not created jobs or industries. But it sure leaves a lot of cash to buy right-wing politicans, who then tell us a plutocracy somehow jibes with the Gospel (I’m looking at you Manzullo).

  3. Conservative

    Cmon. Even Adam Smith believed the wealthy should pay more. The key to Reagan’s speech is closing the loopholes that allow them to pay nothing.

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