Fox News poll shows Obama and Romney virtually tied

In a departure from most other recent surveys, the latest Fox News poll shows Mitt Romney two percentage points ahead of Barack Obama in the presidential race, a gap that falls within the poll’s three-point margin of error.

Just three days ago, an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed Obama ahead by seven percentage points.

HERE‘s the story on the Fox poll:

Republican Mitt Romney holds a slim edge over President Obama in a head-to-head matchup, a Fox News poll released Thursday shows. In addition, the poll finds the president’s job rating has dropped to its lowest point of the year.

In a presidential matchup, Romney tops Obama by 46-44 percent if the election were today.  

As with every Romney-Obama matchup in the past six months, the race is so tight that it is within the poll’s margin of sampling error. This, however, is only the second time the Fox News poll shows Romney on top. The first time was November 2011, when he was also up by 2 percentage points.  

The poll was conducted Monday through Wednesday. On Tuesday, Rick Santorum suspended his presidential bid — giving Romney a clear path to the Republican nomination.  

FOOTNOTE: The Fox poll also shows that voters, by a nine-point margin, are more likely to say Obama is smarter than Romney. By a seven-point margin, Obama is seen as “more optimistic.” And Obama has a two-point edge on the question of which candidate is more likely to tell the truth.


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