Methinks that raging right-wing homophobe Brent Bozell dost protesteth too much

I did a post HERE the other day about studies showing that homophobia sometimes is linked to a person’s own gay urges.

Syndicated radio talk-show host David Pakman thinks right-wing activist Brent Bozell is perhaps a little too upset about those studies.




  1. This from Mr. Hypocrisy?

  2. wilson: Are you trying to say something? If so, you’re failing.

    You should collect your thoughts and perhaps make a few notes and outline exactly what it is you want to say. And then give it another whirl.

    We’re all waiting breathlessly for your slants on this homophobia thing. (I’m betting that you’re as upset about this stuff as Brent Bozell is.)

  3. Think back in time “great” humble one you made a troubling post as diatribe against a poster, then thought better and pulled it. I will say no more other than your criticism is pure hypocrisy.
    (I haven’t paid attention to Bozell, so again you have no clue)

  4. Give it up, wilson. If you can’t make yourself clear, quit trying.

  5. Clear? I guess you don’t recall the diatribe you made against a poster which Methinks makes you a hypocrite concerning homophobia. If I was crystal clear you’d ban me.

  6. wilson: You’re right. I guess I don’t recall that. I’m getting old. I forget lots of things. By the way, are you new here?

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