A U.S. senator who doesn’t want to do the work of a U.S. senator

Not far from Applesauce World Headquarters, just the other side of the Cheddar Curtain, the voters of Wisconsin elected a new U.S. senator in 2010, a Republican named Ron Johnson (above).

But alas, as we see HERE, Johnson “appears to have made a poor career choice by entering politics in the first place.”

He’s an interesting case study of someone who has talked more than he has listened, lectured more than he has developed relationships with his colleagues, and now he’s having a tough time because of that behavior in advancing his policy goals,” one senior GOP aide said. “It’s kind of like watching a temper tantrum by a 2-year-old in the middle of the grocery store.”



  1. shawnnews

    Again, the left didn’t show up to vote. Too bad.

  2. shawnnews: The turnout in the 2010 congressional elections was only 37.8 percent of the voting-age population — 19 percentage points lower than the turnout in 2008. But the wingnuts think the 2010 results amounted to some kind of resounding public mandate. When larger percentages of women, blacks, Hispanics, young people and independents turn out this coming November, it’s going to be a different story from 2010.

  3. Hard to be critical of the junior Senator from Wisconsin when you look at the senior Senator from Wisconsin and his long and distinguished career of both doing and saying nothing.

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