Poll: Americans tend to like the Tea Party movement less the more they hear about it

Tea Party endorsements still carry some weight in Republican primaries (although not always decisively, as Rep. Don Manzullo’s recent defeat will attest), but you have to wonder how much influence the movement will have in the November elections.

The Tea Party is not as popular as it was in its heyday, and Americans tend to disfavor the movement the more they learn about it.

Consider THIS from a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll:

In the new poll, 41 percent of Americans support the tea party, and 45 percent oppose it, similar numbers to those in polls throughout the past year. As in previous polling, strong opponents outnumber strong supporters by 2 to 1. But half express less intense feeling either way…

The new poll finds fewer Americans interested in learning more about the tea party than said so in 2010, and increasing numbers say that the more they hear about the movement, the less they like it. Six in 10 Americans now say they’re not interested in learning more about the tea party, and half say they like it less the more they hear about it, both up from two years ago.

Women in particular have lost curiosity and become more negative about the movement. In 2010, just under half of men and women alike said they were interested in learning about the tea party. Men are similarly inclined now, but the percentage of women who say they’d like to hear more has dropped significantly.



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  1. The TP’s are their own worst enemy. An excellent example is their chief spokesperson Allen West who has redefined stupidity and lunacy.

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