The dishonest GOP claim that Obama is waging war against everything Americans hold dear

As Carl von Clausewitz, the Prussian soldier and German military theorist, famously put it: “War is politics by other means.”

A perverted twist on that adage seems to be the theme of this year’s Republican campaign against President Obama. To the GOPers, politics is the art of peddling phony rhetoric about warmongering.

John Heilemann of New York magazine EXPLAINS:

Barack Obama has been accused of many sins, but among the most common Republican charges against him is that he is a warmonger—though not in the usual sense of the term, of course. Just since the turn of the New Year, conservatives have inveighed against Obama for prosecuting a “war on oil,” a “war on coal” (with an attendant “war on Appalachia”), and a “war on energy”; a “war on religion,” a “war on the Vatican,” and a “war on the Catholic Church”; a “war on the Supreme Court” and a “war on the U.S. Constitution”; and, according to a new book co-authored by anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist, a “war on jobs and growth.”


Phony wars are nothing new in presidential politics, to be sure, but rarely have they been this dimwitted, dishonest, debasing, or, when it comes to what the months between now and November hold in store, so utterly depressing.



  1. Rebecca Mouk

    This is such typical liberal commentary – I can’t even call it journalism. You can call is war or whatever you want. Obama is trying to do away with our freedom. I call that war and I will treat it as a war.
    You people are so blind and all you want to do is make sure he is re-elected.
    Get a grip and report – don’t campaign.

  2. Bob Coffey

    I don’t call it war. War to me is with weapons. These actions Obama is taking are a form of almost dictatorship. This country is on our way to ruins, if Obama stays in power. Greece today, USA tommorow. Oh! By the way. The Illinois politicans are wrecking the state. Most of them with the power from the Chicagonites. Where Obama made his start.

  3. Jennifer

    I consider myself a liberal Democrat, but this article is downright embarrassing. You’re just a typical bitter old white wealthy man. The cultural left (which I am part of) despise your type.

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