War on women becoming a big issue in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election

Embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recent signature on legislation making it harder for women to fight against pay discrimination has given rise to charges that he’s part of the Republican Party’s nationwide war on women.

The issue even has potential ramifications for Mitt Romney’s chances of carrying Wisconsin in the presidential election.

The story is HERE.



  1. War on women? What a joke.

    -How about all of the women whose property taxes went DOWN for the first time in years in Wisconsin.

    -How about all of the women whose taxes weren’t raised to balance the state budget (as required by law).

    -How about all of the female public employees, particularly new teachers, that got to keep their jobs instead of being thrown under the bus by the union heads and their senior members unwilling to make even the slightest concession to costs prior to Governor Walker?

  2. Neftali

    expdoc – No worries. Its just a last minute attempt from the union supporters to sway public opinion. As even the left wing Daily Kos points out….its not working.

    A Public Policy Polling poll for DailyKos has Walker up by between 5 percentage points (against Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett), 7 points (against former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk) and 12 points (against state Senator Kathleen Vinehout) among likely voters, reaching at least 50% against all 4 Democrats.


  3. Neftali: Just as Republicans have started to coalesce behing Romney now that he has the nomination in the bag, Democrats will coalesce behind their party’s candidate against Walker, a point made in the DailyKos article to which you linked.

    The article also makes the point that negative ads against Walker are not yet running.

    I think the recall election could go either way, but I think Democrats have some cause for optimism with the PPP survey showing Tom Barrett only five points behind. That’s almost within the poll’s margin of error.

  4. Tom Barrett utilized the budget tools passed by Walker and the Republicans in Wisconsin to help balance his own city budget in Milwaukee and has already lost to Scott Walker once.

  5. doc: Voter turnout for the recall election is likely to be higher than it was in the 2010 general election when Walker defeated Barrett.

    It’s hard to say who would benefit more from a larger turnout in this election, but history suggests that Democrats usually do better than Republicans in such cases. It usually means more minorities and young people showing up. Then, too, the big number of recall petition signatures might be another indication.

    But as things stand now, I expect a close election.

  6. Many in Wisconsin have used the Prosser Supreme Court election last year as a proxy for the recall election this year. I think that might end up being quite accurate.

    Liberals in Wisconsin billed the Prosser Supreme Court election as a referendum on Walker’s reforms and at the time, none of them had even really taken effect. The more conservative judge (Prosser) won in a close election and the left wing could not have been more charged up to vote.

    Since then Walker’s “fixes” have taken effect and are producing the desired outcome. Balanced budget, no new taxes, preservation of jobs etc.

    I think the recall results will be similar if Barrett is the candidate and Walker will win by a larger margin if Falk is the candidate.

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