Hey, Republicans! Does the name Custer ring a bell?

Dana Milbank SAYS the way some Republicans are acting of late brings to mind a certain general (above) who met his end in southern Montana a few years back:

If Republicans are truly engaged in a “war on women,” as the Democrats claim, they are fighting it about as well as Gen. Custer did at Little Bighorn.

First they were routed over their objections to contraception. Then they had to defend Rush Limbaugh’s insults of  Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke and Ted Nugent’s description of two top Democratic leaders as “varmints.” On top of that, the Republican National Committee chairman is on record drawing a parallel between women and caterpillars, and Democrats have been ambushing Republicans almost daily with topics as varied as mammograms and membership at Augusta.

On Wednesday, the White House staged an event to demand that Republicans stop blocking a renewal of the Violence Against Women Act — and Republicans suddenly found themselves on the wrong side of a title that only a fool or a lunatic would oppose.


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