Poll: Plurality of Republican voters prefer Condoleezza Rice as Mitt Romney’s running mate

A black woman on the GOP presidential ticket would trigger some interesting political dynamics. No doubt about it.

But as Dan Amira NOTES, it also would stir some memories and invite some comparisons that Mitt Romney would prefer not to stir and invite:

Rice hasn’t been considered a very plausible contender in the Mitt Romney veepstakes so far, and perhaps with good reason. Rice was a central figure in the Bush administration, particularly in terms of homeland security and foreign policy, which are most prominently defined by the worst terrorist attack in American history and a widely unpopular war, respectively. And if the Obama campaign decides to portray a potential Romney presidency as a retread of the Bush years, putting one of Bush’s closest advisers on the ticket would be a big help.



  1. It just feels like pandering, which is what Mitt is known for. Why sustain that image?

  2. dogrescuer

    Well, Condoleezza is sort of hot, and would be a lot more fun to watch than Mitt!

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