Another weekly installment of Romney’s untruths

Last Friday, we introduced HERE a new Applesauce feature whereby we pass along progressive blogger extraordinaire Steve Benen’s weekly collections of Mitt Romney’s prevarications.

At the end of THIS LATEST POST from Benen, there are links to 13 previous collections of Mitt’s mendacity. Read them all and you’ll be able to hold your own in a debate with any Romneyphile you encounter.




  1. Romney doesn’t have one pair of slacks or mom jeans that haven’t been singed.

  2. Still drawing huge readers to your posts huh Pat?

  3. bill: As far as I know, my readers come in all sizes — small, medium, large and huge.

    As for how many readers I get, the monthly numbers are in the tens of thousands — and the total over the past four years is roughly 1.5 million.

    This is by far the most well-read of the RRStar blogs.

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