Report: GOP consensus emerging that Romney should choose Rob Portman as running mate

Don’t be surprised, it says HERE, if Mitt Romney picks former Bush administration budget director Rob Portman as the vice presidential candidate on the Republican ticket:

Rob Portman served as Bush’s U.S. Trade Representative in 2005-6 before being promoted to Director of the Office of Management and Budget in 2006-7. But he makes the most sense for Romney. He’s not a tea party Republican or a culture warrior. He’s a glorified accountant. He’s the least crazy and damaged candidate from a major swing-state, and he has worked in the White House before. I’ll be surprised if Romney doesn’t pick Portman. Remember, when picking a running mate, first do no harm.

Yet, a Romney/Portman ticket would be pretty bland. It would be very hard for them to whip up the base. It’s their best ticket, but it won’t help them too much further down the ballot. A lot of conservatives will simply stay home.


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  1. Neftali

    Ted Nugent should be making threatening comments about Romney if they are seriously considering Portman. Its as simple as this:

    If Romney chooses Portman, they will lose. He brings very little to the table. What Demographic would Portman bring in that Romney otherwise would not? Answer: nobody.

    If Romney chooses Rubio, Christie, Rice, or Daniels, they have a chance at winning.

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