Romney has the least public-service experience of any presidential nominee in 72 years

The story behind this chart is HERE.



  1. At first reading, the headline sounded like a good thing to me. But then I saw that George W. Bush was 2nd lowest (and that was a terrible time), and then I saw that Reagan was 3rd lower (and he went against his campaign promises too). But on the other end of the spectrum, I don’t like the thought of McCain, Dole, or Johnson being Presidents either.

    Okay, so maybe this stat just doesn’t mean anything at all.

  2. What an odd and typically liberal viewpoint Steve Benen has on this issue.

    What makes him think that Romney was talking about his experience in government?

    In fact, I am sure he wasn’t talking about that. I would presume that Romney is talking about the breadth of his life experience and his success as a leader in many different venues, including government.

    We don’t need some life long government bureaucrat/politician to bring hope and change via more government. Rather, we need someone who knows how the real world works, how to succeed in the real world, and how to free people to thrive in a future where the government that we can afford will by necessity be much smaller and more efficient.

  3. Tim May: Anyone who says Obama “was a senator that voted ‘present’ ninety five per cent of the time and has never held a real job in his life” doesn’t know what he’s know what he’s talking about and is not to be taken seriously.

    You’re a moron.

  4. shawnnews

    Here’s another one for you on the voting present canard.
    Generally if you use language accusing people of socialism, facsism, communism or some other red-baiting term, people will see past the escalated language and believe you are actually masking some sort of unreasonable anger. People on the right have no problems throwing these term around at their fellow citizens nowadays. However, I see them as being conned by emotional appeals to fear.

  5. Generally if you use terms like racist, bigot, mysogynist or some other slur like idiot people will see past the escalated language and believe you are actually masking some sort of unreasonable anger. People on the left have no problem throwing these terms around at their fellow citizens nowadays. However, I see them as being conned by emotional appeals to fear.

  6. doc: Spare me the psychobabble about “masking some sort of unreasonable anger.” You’re practicing psychiatry without a license, which makes you a quack.

    Besides, your argument is a crock, coming as it does from an apologist for people who angrily shout down public speakers at political events. You have argued that such anger, when exhibited by a political mob, is merely an exercise of First Amendment rights, rather than a violation of them, and you’ve suggested that anyone who disagrees with you on that point must have gone to school in Moscow.

    You don’t like it when the misogynists and racists on your side of the political spectrum are labeled as such, but you seem never to be bothered by the overblown rhetoric of the right that impugns the patriotism of liberals and likens them to socialists, communists or worse.

    Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. And I dare say it seems to be “actually masking some sort of unreasonable anger” or is a symptom of some other deep-seated psychological problem.

  7. When I see comments like the one above from Tim May submitted in response to a three-day-old post, I can only smile in my mind at the thought that almost nobody is going to see it. It’s like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest when no one is there to hear it. I find that HILARIOUS, SIMPLY HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I saw his comment, because of the frame on the right pointing me to “Recent Comments” of the blog. It’s not so bad.

  9. “Your hypocrisy knows no bounds”

    As they say Mr. C., it takes one to know one. My comment was merely a repeat back to a typical, useless, liberal comment.

    It really burns you to have your stupid liberal tactics thrown back at you, doesn’t it?

  10. truth hurts

    We have to forgive Pat and his supporters.

    If they did not have name calling, cherry picking, spinning, outright lies and their overbloated self worth bulling tactics they have no way to argue at all.

    And have as much sucess and influence over voters as the OWS.

    But even this takes a whole new silliness when they handed the facts/rope to hang themselves with.

    As the commercial says…..PRICELESS

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