A phonus balonus news report on so-called voter fraud

Fox News, ever eager to support the Republican Party agenda, aired a report the other day in which host Eric Shawn attempted to show that voter fraud is “rampant” and that the voter ID laws promulgated by the GOP are the solution to the problem.

The report, however, was mostly bunkum, as we see HERE:

Shawn finds only one supposed claim of in-person voter fraud that could have been prevented by such [voter ID] statutes:  the allegation that nearly 1,000 “dead” people voted in South Carolina…

The state’s Election Commission director didn’t just “dispute those findings” [as Shawn had put it]; the commission investigated and debunked them. Reviewing the 207 contested votes from the 2010 election, the commission found that 106 were clerical errors by poll workers, 56 were errors by the DMV, 32 were cases of people being credited as voting when they hadn’t, and three were absentee ballots cast by voters who died before Election Day. The commission said they had “insufficient information” regarding the final ten contested votes, but found no evidence of fraud…

The remainder of the hour-long program was devoted to allegations of election fraud that did not involve the sort of efforts to steal elections through in-person voter fraud that Fox regularly claims voter ID is needed to stop. This is not surprising, as in-person voter fraud is incredibly rare.

There’s more on this matter HERE.




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