Scott Walker says the cause of political courage would suffer if he loses his recall election

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker seems to think he’s one of the few really brave politicians in America today.

The chance that he might lose his recall election on June 5 doesn’t frighten him, he says, but he thinks it would be a serious blow to the cause of political courage in this country.

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  1. Luke Fredrickson

    Preach it Scott! If he is recalled, who will dare to stand up for screwing the middle class?

    Poor Grey Davis fell on his sword the same way.

  2. Legislating power for the few is not political courage.

  3. Power for the few? What the heck does that mean? Scott Walker was elected by the majority of Wisconsinites and his policies have helped that same majority.

    Legislating in favor of the majority against the whiny public union minority does in fact take courage and was in fact the right thing to do.

  4. Carol Foster

    Usings the power of government for your own political purposes is nothing new nor brave.
    Good grief, Atillia the Hun did it very effectively and Scott Walker just took a lesson from him.
    If the voters in Wisconsin were so fond of the Governor than he wouldn’t be out of his State raising money for the recall election. Let’s remember, they had no problem getting petitions signed to hold the recall election and that’s a good many unhappy voters than are in the Teacher’s Union who think something stinks in their State Capitol. – Carol Foster

  5. “his policies have helped the majority” What are you smoking Doc? Scottie’s dead last in jobs while gutting job training, education, health care and environmental protection. His teabagger trickle down policies haven’t created an ounce of prosperity in Wisconsin.

  6. What is the Wisconsin unemployment rate again Steve? How about Illinois?

    Gutting education? Examples please? I bet the teachers that were able to keep their jobs, rather than get laid off because of a fiscal crisis don’t feel like education was gutted.

    I can give you one specific example of how his reforms are going to dramatically improve education.

    One of my friends, a high school teacher (can you believe it?), was just telling us the story of our very large high school in the Western suburbs of Milwaukee.

    They just announced their staff non-renewals for next year. Several, mid-career, but awful teachers were not renewed in favor of younger, more talented teachers. Do you think that would have occurred before Walker’s reforms?

    As far as prosperity?

    Income taxes were held in check, property taxes were slightly reduced and the state budget balanced for the first time in decades. Walker paid back monies owed to the state patient compensation fund that were stolen by the prior Democrat Governor of Wisconsin.

  7. Steve,

    I just noticed this story on the RRSTAR website. I am waiting for your rant against Pat Quinn. But don’t worry, I am not holding my breath.


    Gov. Pat Quinn proposed an ambitious plan today to bring Illinois out of its $83 billion pension funding hole, but he still needs the buy-in of the General Assembly and labor unions, not to mention a constitutional blessing, to make it a reality.

    Quinn’s plans include increasing employee contributions, limiting postretirement cost-of-living adjustments and enacting a 30-year plan to fully fund the five state systems.

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