Business lobbyists are trying to kill the Post Office

Matt Taibbi NAILS IT:

In 2006, in what looks like an attempt to bust the Postal Workers Union, George Bush signed into law the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006….

The transparent purpose of this law, which was pushed heavily by industry lobbyists, was to break a public sector union and privatize the mail industry. Before the 2006 act, the postal service did one thing, did it well, and, minus the need to generate profits and bonuses for executives, did it cheaply. It paid for itself and was not a burden to taxpayers. Post offices also have a huge non-financial impact: In a lot of small towns, the post office is the town, and shutting them down will basically remove the only casual meeting place for people in mountain areas and remote farming villages and so on. Of course, there’s always one Wal-Mart for every dozen or so post offices, so people I guess can drive the extra twenty miles and meet there…

This is a classic example of private-sector lobbyists using the government to protect its profits and keep prices inflated.


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  1. You conveniently neglect to mention the following cosponsors;
    Rep. Danny Davis [D-IL7]
    Rep. Henry Waxman [D-CA30]
    I am thinking this was bipartisan. That darn Bush working with the other side just like Obama.
    To quote a simple minded man “you’re and idiot” ( I left out expdoc as the original statement included)

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