Romney either doesn’t know what he would do as president or is afraid to say what it is

For a guy who doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind in certain circumstances — like when he thinks the cookies you’ve served look crappy (HERE) –Mitt Romney is STRANGELY VAGUE about what he would do in the  White House:

 Mitt Romney’s roadmap for governing the country is so vague that it has even Republican allies questioning his intentions.

“You have to campaign to govern, not just to win,” Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said in recent days after endorsing Romney. “Go ahead and have the confidence in the voters to explain the fix we’re in and then tell them with some specificity what we can do to get out of it in a way that’s good for everybody. Romney doesn’t talk that way.”

It’s a sentiment other Republicans decline to express so publicly, and Daniels later downplayed his comment. But it’s one that accurately describes the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s general aversion to detail.

In between heaping criticism on President Barack Obama, Romney spent the primary season sketching a broad conservative vision for leading the country should he win the White House. Supporters cheer his general plans for lower taxes, smaller government, a stronger military and a reduced federal deficit. But he’s offered few detailed prescriptions on a range of the country’s most pressing concerns from Social Security to potential military action in Iran. And in some cases where Romney and his aides have been specific, the former Massachusetts governor offers little significant change from the Democratic president he says is killing the American dream.





  1. Steven McBride

    And Romney won’t go on networks other than Fox “news” info-mercials with Hannity, etc. We know what Romney says about President Obama, BUT what will Romney do as President? He won’t answer. But he’s given us both positions on a number of issues. The American people DESERVE a candidate who will tell us EXACTLY his positions on Planned Parenthood (he said he would get rid of it, but..?.), contraception, his plans for affordable health insurance, the EPA, the Department of Education, Energy, etc., etc., etc.

    Demand that Romney face ALL the press and not just the right-wing cushy Fox team.

  2. I demand the same from Obama. What is hope and change? Did we receive it?

    I know! Maybe we can have Romney and Obama get together and discuss these issues over the next 6 months. You know, really go at it, in a back an forth kind of way.

    We can call these discussions “presidential debates”.

    What a novel idea.

  3. doc: To a certain extent, hope and change were thwarted by your extremist Republican friends in Congress.

    I can hardly wait until November. Not even the voter-suppression efforts of your right-wing buddies will preclude a well-deserved comeuppance.

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