You know you’re a liberal if….

THESE 33 LITMUS TESTS prove beyond a doubt that I’m a liberal.

How about you?

For example, you know you’re a liberal if…:

You’re in favor of tax increases to support the common good even if you have to pay more yourself.

You’ve pissed off a conservative in your life by railing against Fox News or Sarah Palin.

You have gay friends and you respect them.

You believe people should be able to choose, in private, the family planning option that’s right for them.

(Yes, I realize that I’m inviting snarky crap from our right-wing readers. But, hey, let’s see how silly they can get.)




  1. betty swinford

    Yeah, but you forgot the biggest ingredient in knowing if you’re a liberal….you have to absolutely HATE America, hate what all past wars and soldiers died for, hate the Constitution and most importantly want it’s demise in every way, shape and form. Now, now you little destructive demons wailing about right wingers who want to PRESERVE and CONSERVE America, don’t get your foley catheters in a bind as you’re already blocked in the head!

  2. Hmm,

    I thought a litmus test was a required opinion, so if I have to meet all 33 of these I will never become a liberal.

    For instance, I don’t even have a facebook page, so I’ll never get that one :(.

    I did meet the test for about 10 of them though, so that’s pretty good.

    I particularly liked this one:

    “20-You’ve been following the dogged and brave uprising in Wisconsin.”

    I have been following it closely, in fact, I feel somewhat responsible. After all, I gave the Walker campaign money, voted for him and then have cheered him on as he doggedly and bravely rose up against the public union stranglehold on state government in Wisconsin.

    I am so happy that supporting Walker gets me one step closer to liberal sainthood.

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