Paul Ryan says he’s no longer a fan of Ayn Rand, patron saint of selfishness

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican budget guru from up the road in Janesville, was once a committed devotee of crackpot novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand (see HERE).

But that was then, and THIS is now:

It’s understandable why Ryan would back off his former political muse. She described altruism as “evil,” condemned Christianity for advocating compassion for the poor, viewed the feminist movement as “phony,” and called Arabs “almost totally primitive savages.”

Despite Ryan’s newly-professed distaste for Rand, were she alive today, she would likely applaud Ryan for his draconian GOP budget, which cuts food stamps and other programs for the poor, ends Medicare as we know it, gives $3 trillion in tax breaks for corporations and the rich, and raises taxes on the poorest Americans.


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  1. Apparently wonder boy saw the light after being reprimanded by Sister Stigmata.

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