Even The Donald thinks it’s foolish for Republicans to mock Obama’s celebrity and coolness

There’s something about Barack Obama’s global celebrity and cool image that annoys the hell out of Republicans, as I noted yesterday in THIS POST about a new GOP attack ad against the president.

And now Donald Trump, who knows a thing or two about celebrity, SAYS the attack is “a terrible ad” that “made Obama bigger than life…made him to be this super celebrity.”

I couldn’t agree more. As I said here yesterday, the ad only begs a comparison of Obama with the decidely awkward Mitt Romney.

Republicans should resign themselves to the fact that Obama is personally likable and can’t be made to appear less so by ridiculous attacks on his celebrity. They should stick to issues of policy and leave the personality stuff alone.


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  1. Are Republicans anti American? America’s Number One Export is Culture.
    America’s number one Cultural Export is American Style.
    “Cool” “Celebrity” are things We Export in great quantity and quality.
    What do they think other countries like about America? It sure as hell is not “dull”…
    Are Republicans anti American? They must be trying to destroy Americas greatest export.
    Are Republicans treasonous? Yes, they hate America, they hate our Culture.

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