A newspaper in Alabama, of all places, urges reasonable Republicans to fight their party’s extremism

Wonder of wonders! There’s a newspaper in Anniston, Ala., in the heart of the conservative South, that dares to publish editorials like THIS:

It’s not fair to dismiss all elected Republicans as know-nothings who have embraced an uncompromising anti-science/anti-reason platform in an all-out war with opponents. While some more extreme Republicans fall into those ranks, we suspect many others are merely too politically nervous to challenge the zealots within their party. Their silence in the face of irresponsible and dangerous notions about government, science and war may keep them in office — at least until the winds of politics shift — but it ultimately does damage to their nation and their own political party.

This collection of quiet Republicans must summon the strength to call out extremism within their own ranks. The nation didn’t put a man on the moon with anti-science politicians running the show. It didn’t produce the world’s leading economy by crank notions about economics. And it didn’t provide more of its citizens a pathway out of poverty with nothing but a scornful sneer and a miserly budget.


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  1. knight4444

    OMG!! finally the voice of reason coming from the heart of republican world!! Wait till big papa limbaugh gets wind of this. Today’s republican party is a national disgrace! anytime you can wheel out psychopath’s like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich., Rick Santorum, Willard Rommey, Michele Bachmann your in deep S***! The republican party has devolved into a collection of old, white, crazy religious nuts! 37% of the republican party is 65 years of age 14% are between 45 to 65 years of age 87% are caucasian! we are witnessing the death of the gop within two more generations or less

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