Obama ad rips Romney for shipping jobs overseas

The best part of this attack ad is the zinger at the end, which adds a note of personal avarice to the foregoing stuff about jobs.




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  1. Truth About Energy

    “Renewable” energy isn’t energy. If “renewable” energy was energy, it wouldn’t need tax credits, loopholes, and subsidies for the billionaires that bet on the government continuing those breaks. “Renewable” energy is an image, invented by people on the left and propped up by venture capitalists. The Production Tax Credit for wind energy was enacted by law in 1992. It was meant to be temporary. What about the word “temporary” do progressives not understand? If there are no ends, then it simply doesn’t work. Some elected officials around here are starting to realize that, others have been thoroughly “greenwashed”.

    The record, thus far, is horrible. The economy has not improved, notwithstanding help to the “preferred” industries. It’s time that they stop getting help.

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