Paul Ryan’s dishonest rejection of Ayn Rand is why he’ll never be on a GOP presidential ticket

When I reported HERE last week that Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican budget guru, had suddenly disowned the crackpot philosopher Ayn Rand, I didn’t really do the matter justice.

I failed to fully capture the craven dishonesty of Ryan’s belated rejection of Rand’s gospel of selfishness.

 I failed to emphasize, for example, the blatant falseness of Ryan’s claim that it was only an “urban legend” that he has ever been a devoted disciple of Rand.

And I failed to note that Ryan’s mendacity in this whole matter decidedly precludes any possibility that Mitt Romney will choose him as a running mate or that he’ll ever be on any Republican presidential ticket.

My treatment of the Ryan-Rand matter was trivial compared to the smackdown admininistered last night by Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC.

Check it out HERE.



  1. Since Eddie Munster is not of this world he wouldn’t be eligible.

  2. You can view Paul Ryan’s full speech about Atlas Shrugged at The Atlas Society 2005 event here http://www.atlassociety.org/ele/blog/2012/04/30/paul-ryan-and-ayn-rands-ideas-hot-seat-again

  3. I guess this would parallel Mr. Obama’s denial of William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn of the murderous Weather Underground with whom he fellow-traveled, and with The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Mr. Obama’s “not too controversial pastor” who wants people to God Damn America.

  4. John Donahue: The so-called parallel isn’t even close. Ryan was a devoted disciple of Ayn Rand. Obama was merely an acquaintance of Ayers and Dohrn and a parishioner at Wright’s church. Where did you get that “fellow-traveled” nonsense? From Limbaugh? Or was it Fox News?

    Paul Ryan once said this: “The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand.”

    Obama never said anything of the sort regarding Ayers, Dohrn or Wright. Indeed, Obama described the violent activities of Ayers and Dohrn as “despicable.”

    That crap about Ayers and Wright didn’t work for you wingnuts four years ago, and it won’t work this year either.

  5. I’m shocked that Obama at the age of 8 traveled with Ayers and Dohrn.

  6. You inflate the Ryan/Ayn Rand connection. Ryan was inspired and influenced by Rand’s stand on freedom, individualism, capitalism and self-reliance, as are millions and millions of people in this culture. He was proud to acknowledge the influence — on that part of Rand’s philosophy. He never signed on for her atheism and woman’s right to control her body. Now, on pressure from theists, he decided to repudiate Rand because she is an atheist and also because her position against forced altruism clashes with the lefty-religious who think Jesus said “you are your brother’s keeper and if you don’t do it by persuasion we will get the government to force you to do it.” That last part, by the way, is the Progressive’s discipleship credo.

    As for Obama’s fellow-traveling: Obama worked alongside Ayers on foundations and projects sourced by Ayers, sat on panels with him, was a guest in their home for a political purpose. This is sanctioned interaction and cannot be construed in anyway to include “meaningless crossing of paths.” Ryan and Ayn Rand? That was a one-way street. I’ll let you guess what Rand’s opinion would have been of a religious-oriented politician, one who characterized her morality as “merely contractual” and her stand on abortion as sanctioning murder.

    As for Wright, if your pastor is a flaming race mongering hate-spewer, you find someone else. But gee, Obama can’t seem to see the problem. To him, this church was normal, loving and fine, and not actually “that controversial.”

  7. John Donahue: I, for one, am not the least bit bothered by Ayn Rand’s atheism. I’m an agnostic myself. The point of this post is Ryan’s dishonest claim that his affinity for Rand and her philosophy is an “urban legend.” He’s pretending that he’s never been much of a Randian — now that it’s a political strike against him among certain religionists, ranging from Catholics concerned about the poor to evangelical right-wingers.

    The man is a hypocrite.

    And as for that Ayers-Wright hobbyhorse, keep riding, Bucko! It will get you nowhere, but you’ll at least have common bond with your fellow loonies.

  8. “Ryan’s dishonest claim that his affinity for Rand and her philosophy is an “urban legend.” He’s pretending that he’s never been much of a Randian . . .”

    Agreed. He is lying.

    No loss to Objectivists! Good riddance.

    By the way: there is no such thing as a “Randian.” This is not a cult of personality, like “Marxism.”

  9. JD: Marxism is no “cult of personality” either. Most Marxists wouldn’t know Karl from Groucho. It’s the philosophy they embrace, not its author.

    What’s more, the use of “Randian” (adjective or noun) as a reference to Ayn Rand’s philosophy or its adherents is fairly widespread.

  10. That’s because Progressives repudiated Marx. Bad press.

    and…”randian” is only widespread on your side of the fence.
    For Objectivists, it is the philosophy we embrace, not the author.

  11. JD: If by my “side of the fence,” you mean non-Randians (or non-objectivists, as you would have it), I guess that covers most folks.

  12. Paul Ryan’s buddy, Bishop Jenky of Peoria (who compared President Obama to Hitler), at Ryan’s request is looking into nominationg Ayn Rand to Sainthood.

    I’m sure that Saint Ayn sounds great to those who believe in GOPJesus!


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