Putting GOP voter-suppression efforts in perspective

Eugene Robinson offers a HANDY SUMMARY of efforts by Republicans to mount “the most concerted campaign to prevent or discourage citizens from exercising their legitimate voting rights since the Jim Crow days of poll taxes and literacy tests.”

He even addresses a question I’m asked by certain Applesauce readers every time I raise this subject:

In theory, what could be wrong with demanding proof of identity? In the real world, plenty.

As Republican strategists are fully aware, minorities are overrepresented among the estimated 11 percent of citizens who do not have a government-issued photo ID. They are also painfully aware that, in 2008, President Obama won 95 percent of the African American vote and 67 percent of the Hispanic vote. It doesn’t take a genius to do the math: If you can reduce the number of black and Latino voters, you improve the Republican candidate’s chances.

If photo ID laws were going to be the solution, though, Republicans had to invent a problem. The best they could come up with was The Menace of Widespread Voter Fraud.

It’s a stretch. Actually, it’s a lie. There is no Widespread Voter Fraud. All available evidence indicates that fraudulent voting of the kind that photo ID laws would presumably prevent — someone shows up at the polls and votes in someone else’s name — just doesn’t happen.




  1. Poor little Timmy! He has no evidence of any widespread voter fraud, so he resorts to a non-sensical, semi-literate rant about “the desire to stuff ballot boxes.”

    Little Timmy is blissfully unaware of all the Republican operatives who have been convicted of election fraud in recent years. They don’t mention stuff like that on Fox News, so little Timmy has no knowledge of it.

  2. Jaybo

    According to Robinson’s story, 11% (21 million) of U.S. citizens do not have a government issued photo ID and would be adversely affected by voter ID laws. Meanwhile, 10% (7.3 million) of the 73 million monthly payments made by the SSA are by check.

    The overlap of those citizens without photo ID and those receiving government checks would almost certainly have to be a very significant number.

    Starting in 2013, SS checks will be discontinued, meaning SS recipients need to be on direct deposit or have funds sent to a “Direct Express” debit card. Opening a bank account or applying for a Direct Express card both require photo ID.

    When can we expect a column from Mr. Robinson (or Pat) railing against the government for placing such a huge impediment between these people and their government checks?

    Cue the crickets. 😉

  3. Jaybo: Don’t hold your breath. I’m busy enough fighting voter-suppression efforts by Republican extremists.

  4. Oops! I forgot to address you as “Herr Jaybo.” That would be fair turnabout for your reference to me as “Pravda Pat” in one of your previous submissions. And it would suit what I suspect are your Teutonic roots.

  5. Jaybo

    “Your email address will not be published. “*

    *The blogger may, however, use your email address to make public suppositions about your national origin.

  6. Give it up, Timmy. You don’t know what you’re talking about. There is simply no good evidence of widespread voter fraud, and your undocumented anecdotes don’t change that fact.

    You’re becoming a crashing bore.

  7. Jaybo: Don’t worry. I haven’t blown your cover. You remain free to express your opinions anonymously — in contrast to my willingness to attach my name to my observations. I even post my mug shot, which puts me at risk of being accosted on the street by some deranged patriot.

  8. How much voter fraud has been documented to date?

  9. expdoc

    How many people have been documented as unable to vote because they lacked ID to date?

  10. Conservachick

    Pat – Let’s be honest. The reason there are so few documented cases of voter fraud is precisely because there has been very little voter identification efforts. Clearly, the only way we can stop voter fraud is by comparing the potential voter’s identification with the name he or she has requested.

    Eric Holder, our United States Attorney General, had his ballot handed over to what could have been a fraudulent voter in the DC primary election. The only reason it didn’t happen was because the voter requesting Holder’s ballot did not touch or receive the ballot – he admitted it was an experiment to see if voter fraud is as easy as it appears.

    Election integrity is essential and fair to the many voters who follow the rules. The only reason to obstruct reasonable efforts to maintain integrity is to garner ineligible votes. At least be honest when you’re making your arguments and admit the real reason for your ire.

  11. I see Doc dropped some turds at the doorstep again.

  12. expdoc

    I see Steverino didn’t answer my question again.

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