Epic smackdown of Republicans who whine about Obama politicizing bin Laden’s death

An argument I posted HERE the other day about Republicans who say it’s bad form for President Obama to seek political gain for having given the order to kill Osama bin Laden turns out to have been only mild criticism.

In a devastating segment on “The Daily Show” last night, political satirist Jon Stewart has made my knock on the GOPers in this matter look downright wimpy.   

Check out the video of Stewart’s stuff in THIS PIECE. It’s masterful.



  1. expdoc

    Stewart’s argument is right on. His conclusions are wrong.

    Do Democrats realize that the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex (actually it’s the temporal lobe) give us the ability to store and recall past events?

    Don’t they realize that we remember the moaning and whining from the political left every time the Bush administration took credit for keeping this country safe and beginning to prosecute the war on terror after 9/11?

    Don’t they realize that Obama has proven himself a hypocrite?

    Don’t they realize all of the lefties who claim to be against all war, demand that Gitmo be closed and that all terrorists are given a fair trial in court are hypocritical for supporting Obama or at least drastically tempering their outrage when it is “their man” in the White House?

  2. monkey

    Expdoc: I’m a lefty and I’m not against all war and neither are a lot of my lefty friends. It’s been awesome watching the GOP manufacture their outrage over this while everyone knows a President McCain would have done the same thing (the celebrating, that is) as would a President GW Bush if he’d managed to kill Bin Laden. And, as we all know, GWB strutted across the deck of an aircraft carrier, looking all the more like a fool as the months passed after that and it was anything but “mission accomplished.”

    This was a successful mission, period. The President was the one to make the FINAL call and the responsiblity, success or failure, rested with him, period. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the kill of one of the most evil men in history.

    Politically, this is a serious problem for the GOP because they clearly cannot pin the “weak on national security” tag on President Obama and they know it. Deciding whether or not to execute a leveraged buyout is vastly different then staking your entire presidency on a covert op. On that score, Romney has nowhere to go against the President.

  3. expdoc

    President Obama deserves credit for being Commander in Chief when Bin Laden was killed and for protecting us from further attack on our soil under his watch.

    Liberals deserve to be called hypocrites for celebrating Obama and vilifying Bush.

    You think he was staking his ENTIRE Presidency on this covert op? I don’t. I think he has staked his entire Presidency on healthcare reform. Baring some catastrophe in the Middle East, the success or failure of “Obamacare” will define his Presidency, even if he is elected to a second term.

  4. monkey: The great irony in all of this is that the more the Repubs whine about Obama politicizing the bin Laden thing, the more the public is reminded of the bad dude’s demise. And anyone who doesn’t think Bush and the Repubs would be bragging all the live-long day if bin Laden’s death had happened on their watch is a political babe in the woods.

  5. expdoc

    Were you workin’ on a railroad and just passin’ the time away too Pat?

  6. doc said: “Liberals deserve to be called hypocrites for celebrating Obama and vilifying Bush.”

    And you deserve to be called a hypocrite for celebrating Bush and vilifying Obama.

    doc again: “I think he has staked his entire Presidency on healthcare reform.”

    Did you forget, he ordered the killing of the Somali pirates in order to save Captain Phillips? That was only 3 months into his term. He makes tough decisions and doesn’t call himself “the decider in chief”.

    Why don’t you tell us of GWB’s accomplishments, doc. You can use your electron microscope if you like.

  7. expdoc

    I could have sworn that GWB was a two term President who was not running in this election.

    Liberals become so enraged when their hypocrisy is bared for the world to see. It is all rather amusing and reminds me of an incident when Bill Clinton was elected to his first term.

    Then liberal (later conservative) Hollywood type, the late Ron Silver, was irritated that the USAF would dare execute a flyover on such a great day for the Democrats. He then checked himself and exclaimed, “Wait a minute, those are our airplanes now”.

    Read more about Mr. Silver here:


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