Mitt Romney’s far-flung finances at a glance


I wonder why Mitt Romney doesn’t bring home the money he has stashed in various places around the world.

Oh, right. He doesn’t want to pay taxes on it.

You also have to wonder if he even knows how much money he has. I’ll bet he doesn’t. I’ll bet his best guess would miss the mark by seven figures. But then, he and we probably will never know, right?



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  1. expdoc

    Are you implying he has done something illegal? Unethical?

    Are you trying to tell us that being financially successful is somehow a strike against Romney?

    Maybe you should listen to Mr. Obama’s job czar Jeff Immelt when he talks about the difficulties multinational corporations face when they know that the US has a much higher corporate tax rate than most other developed country and the consequences that has for our economy (http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7384062n)

    Any wagers on how much the Obama’s clear annually in appearance fees once they are out of office? Will you chastise them for the tens of millions they will clear in their post political careers?

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