Why Obama’s approval ratings are higher than political science suggests they should be

Political scientist John Sides has created a model  that predicts presidential approval ratings based on various factors, including economic conditions and approval ratings of past presidents.

As the chart above indicates, Barack Obama has defied the model’s expectations.

Sides attributes this phenomenon to Obama’s likability and to the fact that most Americans still blame George W. Bush for the economy.

Ezra Klein offers a THIRD REASON:

[T]he Republican Party isn’t offering a very compelling alternative right now, and so Obama’s numbers are, in part, a relative judgment given the options available to voters. It’s easier to say someone is doing a bad job when there’s someone you can point to who looks like they’re doing, or at least could do, a better one.


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  1. He’s (Obama) is “likeable” and “most Americans still blame Bush”. Holy Top Ten pick Pat-the only thing Obama has going for himself is that he’s “likeable”, which BTW means he’s incompetent as a leader of this country and as a President so the only thing he can revisit is his coolness. Pretty pathetic when he’s defined by the MTV, TRL and Rolling Stone crowd. And as for Bush, it’s a play right out of the Clinton play book, tell a lie long enough and it becomes political reality. More utter foolishness.

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