Democrats serve up some delicious class warfare in campaign ad attacking Romney

What I like best about this ad from the Democratic National Committee is that it’s likely to annoy some plutocrat wannabes I know.

Most of these same saps are blissfully unaware of how they’re getting shafted by the fat cats at whose altar they dutifully worship.





  1. expdoc

    Delicious class warfare tells me all I need to know about liberals.

    That and the fact that you keep going back to same old playbook of class warfare and “those that don’t agree with us are just too stupid to know what is good for them.”

  2. doc: Congrats! That stuff within quotation marks in your comment pretty well nails it.

  3. Willard always seems to get defensive everytime someone questions his agenda for this country. He needs to try some “slow jam”.

  4. Luke Fredrickson

    I think author Stephen King says it succintly, as is his wont:

    “Mitt Romney has said, in effect, “I’m rich and I don’t apologize for it.” Nobody wants you to, Mitt. What some of us want—those who aren’t blinded by a lot of BS persiflage thrown up to mask the idea that rich folks want to keep their damn money—is for you to acknowledge that you couldn’t have made it in America without America. That you were fortunate enough to be born in a country where upward mobility is possible (a subject upon which Barack Obama can speak with the authority of experience), but where the channels making such upward mobility possible are being increasingly clogged. That it’s not fair to ask the middle class to assume a disproportionate amount of the tax burden. Not fair? It’s un-farking-American is what it is. I don’t want you to apologize for being rich; I want you to acknowledge that in America, we all should have to pay our fair share. That our civics classes never taught us that being American means that—sorry, kiddies—you’re on your own. That those who have received much must be obligated to pay—not to give, not to “cut a check and shut up,” in Governor Christie’s words, but to pay—in the same proportion. That’s called stepping up and not whining about it. That’s called patriotism, a word the Tea Partiers love to throw around as long as it doesn’t cost their beloved rich folks any money.”


  5. Luke Fredrickson

    King also coined a wonderful phrase: “Pluted Bloatocrats”. Hilarious.

    Bottom line is, the mega-rich have taken advantage of a capitalist system that has allowed them to flourish. It is only just and patriotic that they contribute EQUALLY to keep that system sustainable. Unless, of course, they hate America.

    The idea that taxing the rich at the same rate as the middle class would stifle investment is destroyed by the best investor in recent memory, Warren Buffett: “People invest to make money, and potential taxes have never scared them off.”

  6. expdoc

    All right Luke.

    So tell us, what is fair? What percentage of income should the rich (apparently those families making more than 250,000/year) pay?

    Since you don’t want anyone else to pay more in taxes, then what programs will you cut from the federal budget when having the rich pay their “fair share” isn’t enough to cover our deficit/debt?

  7. expdoc


    You are too predictable. I almost typed that response for you in my original post.

  8. Fat Cats like…George Clooney, Warreb Buffet, George Soros, or Bill Marr? And while we’re on the subject, how about Stephen King! Frankly I don’t care what they make, but don’t attack someone else when the Liberals have deep pockets too, but I guess they get a pass because they tell everyone that they care..Fools. Obama’s view of fair is code for handout. When will Liberals ever get it that IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY!!! While you are in the business of entitlements, you ARE NOT ENTITLED TO MY MONEY! Obozo just blew 5 Trillion in three years. Tell me how that is FAIR?

  9. bill: Are you really that ignorant of how corporate America benefits from government largess?

    Are you completely oblivious of corporate welfare?

    Are you unaware that corporate profits are now at an all-time high and that they got there with help from the government?

    Have you never heard of the corporations that pay no taxes?

    I’m just asking.

  10. Tim May: Arguing with you is pointless. It’s like trying to deal with a petulant 10-year-old.

    So blather on to your heart’s delight. I shant bother to respond unless you get too far out of line.

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